About Us

Black Lantern welcomes the free-spirited lovers of wild and beautiful nature, the wacky and wonderful wanderers, the conscious adventurers, and the ambling explorers who share a common drive to See the Unknown. 

Whether you have a destination in mind or just want to explore, we’ve got you covered. 

Welcome to all visitors, adventurers and wanderers! 

 Making Moments...

“Nothing is more comforting after a long day of trekking than returning to camp and lighting the lantern.”

Black Lantern was born, in 2011, from our mutual love for the wild outdoors and memories of returning to camp after a long day of trekking. Spending time in the wilderness reminds us how ephemeral life can be. Something truly magical happens every second of the day. If you blink, you can miss it. We find this to be an inspiring lesson. Life can become a race. When we take the time to return to nature, our senses open up. We remember how interconnected we are to our world and to one another. Of course, we are refreshed by the fresh air and unbelievable adventures. 

We bring our passion for the wilderness to you, our fellow adventurers and wilderness wanderers, in the form of high quality products which we design and print ourselves in our shop in Longmont, Colorado. There are no automatic presses here. We personally screen each T-shirt by hand with original designs that represent our devotion and admiration for the outdoor lifestyle. 

When we’re not covered in ink or busy being creative, we trek and camp in the National Parks and wilderness areas around our Colorado home. We want our children to enjoy the same freedom, so we have partnered with the National Parks Foundation. A portion of every purchase you make is dedicated to the preservation of our national parks. 

We welcome you to roam with us. We are still learning where this trail leads - and enjoying the starry nights along the way! 

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Shipping Information

UNITED STATES: We package everything securely so it will arrive in perfect condition. We will ship your order via USPS within 1- 5 business days. We will provide a tracking number, and if you would like to request insurance please contact us.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We will ship within 1-7 business days, packaged extra securely so it will arrive in great condition. Sadly though, we can not guarantee a delivery date, due to customs and their unpredictable holding times. Usually it is quick (5-10 business days from ship date), however, it can be longer depending on where you live (up to a month or more).

Tracking information is available for international orders in transit through the US and most other countries past customs. Once the package has left the United States we can no longer track the package. If an order is lost in the mail or fails to deliver, please contact us.

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Returns & Exchanges

We stand behind our work 100% and if you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us right way so that we can make it right. We are more than happy to exchange sizes if for some reason, the size that you ordered is not the right fit. Usually it is quick (5-10 business days from ship date), however, it can be longer depending on where you live (up to a month or more).

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