Where the rugged outdoors meets creative expression

Our journey began in the most unlikely of places - a one-car garage in a humble rental apartment. Here, amidst the clatter of screen-printing machines and the smell of curing ink, our passion for nature and design began to take shape.

About Black Lantern clothing and accessories


Our story is one of grit and determination, fueled by our deep-rooted love for the great outdoors. Every experience, from our early camping trips under starlit skies to rugged backpacking adventures through the untamed landscapes of the nearby Rocky Mountains, has inspired our designs, infusing them with the spirit of adventure, exploration, and always seeking the unknown. Our passion for the wilderness is not just about the thrill of exploration but also a deep respect for nature and a commitment to preserving the beauty we so often seek.

Rewinding back to our college days, we found our passion in screen-printing gig posters for bands, burning the midnight oil between classes, homework, and something that loosely resembled a social life. In those late-night sessions, we discovered our true calling – blending graphic design and pushing the boundary between ink and screen. We took tangible aspects of life and gave them a graphic representation, whether it was a band with humble beginnings or a moment of solitude in a desolate wilderness. We have always strived to bring that feeling or aspiration to life in a graphic representation. Our journey from printing band posters in a cramped dorm room to designing apparel that captures the essence of the great outdoors showcases our evolution in both skill and vision. 

About Black Lantern apparel


Today, Black Lantern stands as a testament to our small beginnings. Our collection of nature-themed t-shirts and outdoor gear reflects our journey and the journeys of countless other adventurers who share our love for the wild places surrounding us. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain grounded in our roots, remembering the garage where it all began. Our designs are a tribute to the adventurers, the dreamers, the hikers, and everyone who believes in the transformative power of the outdoors.

Join us as we embark on new adventures, pushing boundaries and exploring the untamed beauty of the world around us. At Black Lantern, the spirit of adventure burns bright – come, be a part of our journey. As we look to the future, we are excited to expand our offerings, incorporating innovative materials and designs and eco-friendly practices to ensure that our impact on the planet is as positive as the messages we print. Our commitment to sustainability reflects our reverence for the natural world and our responsibility to protect it for future generations of adventurers. 

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Screen Printed Tshirts


At Black Lantern, we take pride in our deep involvement in every step of our creation process. Everything is done in-house by our dedicated crew at our Longmont, Colorado warehouse, from the initial sketch to the final product. Covered in ink and working tirelessly on manual presses, we embody a gritty, hands-on approach that sets us apart from larger companies. Our commitment to keeping our production local not only ensures quality and authenticity but also allows us to maintain a hands-on connection with every item we produce, while also supporting local employment and the local economy.

This small but mighty approach enables us to inject passion and craftsmanship into our products, reflecting our ethos of resilience and personal touch. At Black Lantern, we're not just making apparel; we're making a statement about the value of hard work, passion and the importance of homegrown production.