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About Us

 Welcome to Black Lantern! We are a small, handmade company based in Estes Park, Colorado with a passion for graphic design and a deep connection with the wilderness.

Kevin and Ginny Davis founded the studio in 2011 to create unique, hand-printed clothing  and goods that could bring the spirit of the outdoors everyone. The company soon started printing designs on a wider range of clothing, glassware, messenger bags, totes and plenty more. But we think we’ve remained loyal to our first principles. There are no automatic presses here – every T-shirt is still screen printed by us with original designs that reflect our devotion to the outdoor lifestyle. to survive the outdoors.

Starting a business isn’t easy, but it’s not “all work and no play” either; over the past five years, we’ve become ever more dedicated to trekking and camping. Our new Black Lantern brand was born from memories of nights sitting around the campfire. To us, a lantern represents a hardier lifestyle, but also that feeling of warmth and safety at the end of a hard day’s trek, sitting around a fire and pondering the mysteries of the universe over a hot chocolate - or something stronger!

No matter where or how you live, nature is for everyone and the wilderness still has a strong influence on the American character. That’s why we work with The Wilderness Society to help preserve our outdoor spaces for future generations. We donate a portion of every single sale to help protect the lands we love and to keep them wild.

Our adventure still stretches ahead of us and we don’t know where the trail leads, but we intend to enjoy many starry nights on the way!

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Shipping Information

UNITED STATES: We package everything securely so it will arrive in perfect condition. We will ship your order via USPS within 1- 5 business days. We will provide a tracking number, and if you would like to request insurance please contact us.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We will ship within 1-7 business days, packaged extra securely so it will arrive in great condition. Sadly though, we can not guarantee a delivery date, due to customs and their unpredictable holding times. Usually it is quick (5-10 business days from ship date), however, it can be longer depending on where you live (up to a month or more).

Tracking information is available for international orders in transit through the US and most other countries past customs. Once the package has left the United States we can no longer track the package. If an order is lost in the mail or fails to deliver, please contact us.

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Returns & Exchanges

We stand behind our work 100% and if you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us right way so that we can make it right. We are more than happy to exchange sizes if for some reason, the size that you ordered is not the right fit. Usually it is quick (5-10 business days from ship date), however, it can be longer depending on where you live (up to a month or more).

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