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Inspired by the mountains and forests of home

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Black Lantern is more than just a brand that creates clothing and goods. We are storytellers who weave our own tales and those of others into every product we design. Our flagship collection, Rocks and Roots, stands as a testament to our deeply rooted connection with the wild and rugged nature of the Rocky Mountains and the beauty of countless other places.

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Whether it is standing atop a craggy alpine tundra or being submerged in a dense pine forest on a desolate and untamed river, it is this rugged beauty that inspires every design in our Rocks and Roots collection. Each print we feature is infused with the essence of the wilderness, capturing the raw beauty and timeless elegance of nature's handiwork.

Our journey began with a passion for exploration and a thirst for adventure that led us deep into the heart of the Rockies, dating back to over two decades ago. Through winding trails and rocky outcrops, we found solace in the silent spaces in forests hundreds of years old. The sheer power and magnitude of nature’s beauty is what drove us to begin this journey and this collection is our testament to those places. It’s these experiences that form the foundation of our brand, and the Rocks and Roots collection pays homage to our humble beginnings with everything we needed strapped on our backs.

More than just clothing and nature-inspired goods, Rocks and Roots is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to preserving the spirit of the wilderness and inspiring others. With each purchase, you're not just acquiring a garment; you're joining our journey, one that will never be finished, towards a future that will preserve and showcase these amazing places.Discover the essence of these wild lands that are woven into every thread and fiber of our Rocks and Roots.

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Here at Black Lantern we hand print all apparel in our studio in Colorado. This means we can ensure the quality of each and every print and control every step of the process.

We only use the 100% environmentally friendly inks that are free from plastisols and phthalates.

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All our embroidered headwear only uses the highest quality Isacord which ensures vibrancy and durability. With proper care, our caps will endure the most challenging of your adventures.