As the days stretch out and the sun burns hotter, summer calls the wild at heart back to the untamed expanses. The seasonal shift stirs life in the hidden corners of forests, over ancient mountains, and out through sprawling valleys. Here at Black Lantern, the pull of the wild is undeniable—we're already mapping out our next ventures while still working tirelessly on bringing a breath of fresh air into the company's designs and of course a new and updated website.



From our modest beginnings in a quaint mountain town, a mere stone’s throw from the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Lantern has blossomed beyond the cozy confines of our original Estes Park shop. As our passion swelled, so did our need for space. Now firmly rooted in a capacious warehouse in Boulder County, Longmont, our heart remains deeply embedded in the mountain soil. Though we’ve outgrown our first home, our spirit and ethos remain steadfast. The peaks of the Rockies still beckon us, time and again, and we find ourselves venturing into the wilderness at every opportunity—because that’s where our true passion lies.



This season isn’t just about exploring new terrains; we’ve also given our website a fresh makeover as well as bringing in dozens of new designs across all out shop categories. Immerse yourself in our new layout and explore the latest designs—we’ve poured our heart and soul into every pixel and thread, all with your feedback in mind. We're driven by the raw beauty of the wilderness and anchored in the thrill of discovery, crafting gear designed to journey through the thick of it all and showcase all the untameable beauty that nature offers. 

The Wilderness isn’t out there just to look at and explore; it’s also there as our guide, pulling us deeper into its embrace. So lace up those boots, throw on your pack, and join us as we plunge into a season of epic