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Our Wilderness – Enjoy, not destroy!

People think the wilderness is a dangerous place we need protecting from.
The truth is the wilderness needs protection from us!

In 2015, the U.S. Senate paved the way for tracts of our national forests, wilderness areas and wildlife refuges to be sold to states eager to offer them up for development, oil and gas exploration, mining and logging, ending public access.

Of the 618 million acres of federal wildlands in public ownership, about 235 million acres has permanent protection, but around 100 million acres of pristine wildlands are under imminent threat. These wildlands could qualify for future protection, but the window of opportunity is closing fast.

The Wilderness Society works hard to preserve these last truly wild places and campaigns to designate new areas for wilderness protection so we’ve decided to support them through our campaign: Enjoy, not destroy!

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So, why do we care about wildlands at Black Lantern?

These wildlands mean everything to us. My wife and I grew up here in Colorado backpacking, camping, fishing and hiking. They’ve shaped who we are as well as our new company, Black Lantern, and whenever we can, we go to them for inspiration, as well as relaxation from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Keeping the wilderness free from commercial and private development and open for public recreation is important to us.

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What can we do to protect the wilderness?

We want to give something back to the wilderness that’s given us so much by helping protect it for future generations; that's why we are a proud partner of The Wilderness Society

• We’ve developed an “Our Wild” graphic for clothing and all net proceeds from this design go to protecting our wild lands and waters!

• Our “Enjoy, Not Destroy!” campaign focuses on getting outdoors and enjoying what these places have to offer.

• We’re raising awareness for the work of the Wilderness Society.
Thanks for taking the time to read about something we really care about. You can help us by buying one of our “Our Wild” products, or by visiting the Wilderness Society website and supporting its work.

Kevin Davis | Shop Owner